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The building will be constructed of reinforced concrete. The main enclosing and partitioning walls will be made of ceramic bricks – 25 cm and the internal partition walls – 12 cm.


The façade of the building will be designed with a combination of cement-bonded particle panels and/or large format porcelain stoneware panels in various colours or equivalent lightweight non-combustible panels with a fire resistance class of min. A2, silicate plasters with decorative metal profiles and louvres for accents.


Windows in the residential part will be PVC, min. 72 mm profile, triple glazing from a reputable manufacturer. In the commercial part – aluminium window frames with thermal break and triple glazing from a reputable manufacturer.

Water and sewage installations


The building plumbing system is branched, with bottom distribution. Domestic water will be heated centrally at the subscriber station by means of plate water heaters for each building entrance. The materials to be used for the building network will be GFR PPR PN16 pipes – for cold water, and GFR PPR PN20 pipes – for hot and circulating water, manufactured by Pipelife BG or similar for the main horizontal water mains and the vertical branches. The pipework will be insulated along its entire length.


A split, gravity sewer will be constructed with ‘main’ ventilation within the building. This will be constructed entirely of carbon-enriched PVC pipe with fittings. Where the duct is suspended, reinforced (thick wall) duct (SN4 as a minimum) will be used. Fittings and fixtures in the sanitary units, as well as vertical branches, will be of plain PVC.

Replacement ventilation of first floor premises

A replacement ventilation system will be provided for the restaurants, shops and adjacent rooms. This consists of a heat recovery unit and a system of ducts and ventilation grilles.


For the sanitary facilities, a suction ventilation system consisting of a moisture protected axial fan, is planned. Verticals will be provided to exhaust air over the roof of the building. The verticals will serve five floors and will 5 fans each. Kitchen areas will be ventilated through the ventilation shafts designed for the living rooms. Discharge of kitchen hoods will be provided in the appropriate shaft at each kitchenette.

Replacement ventilation for underground garages

Replacement ventilation will be provided through dual-speed jet fans at each level and for each individual space, directing air to exhaust shafts to eliminate harmful gases.

Residential air conditioning

Air conditioning in the residential part the building will be performed through copper ductwork which will be prepared and installed to allow future installation of air conditioners. The outdoor units are to be mounted on the façade in the designated recesses. Condensate from the equipment will be discharged through the plumbing. Air conditioners will be provided for the living areas of the apartments only. Delivery and selection of air conditioners will be at the Owner’s expense.

Ventilation and air-conditioning


Heat Source

The building will be connected to the city’s central heating system. The heat carrier will be provided by a floor mounted subscriber station. There are two rooms in the building designated for the subscriber station. Each subscriber station supplies the heat carrier to the respective entrance, in which the technical room is located, as well as part of the first-floor premises. Each substation will have a heating capacity of 200 kW and a DHW capacity of 100 kW.

Heating of the residential part

heating of the residential part of the building is planned to involve a water heating installation with a heat carrier temperature of 60-40°C. The pipe network will be made of PP polypropylene pipes with thermal insulation of microporous rubber with a thickness of 13 mm. Piping in the basement will be laid with 30 mm thick thermal insulation. Piping from the floor switchboard to the apartment panels will be made of Rex polyethylene pipe with an aluminium insert in corrugated tubing installed in the floor screed. Aluminium radiators will be provided for apartment rooms and sanitary facilities.

Common Areas

Flooring of stairwells, landings and lobbies will be granite and/or natural flooring. Walls and ceilings will be plastered and painted with latex. A handrail will be provided on stairs as per architectural design. Staircase lighting as per architectural design. High-tech elevator from a reputable manufacturer meeting European standards.


These will have armoured entrance doors from a reputed manufacturer. The floor covering will be screed. The walls and ceilings will be finished with machine plaster. Bathrooms will be plastered with lime plaster, equipped with suction ventilation system consisting of moisture proof axial fan. Flooring on terraces – granite tiles. The windows in the living area will be PVC min. 72 mm. profile, triple glazing from a reputable manufacturer. The heating of the residential part will involve a water heating system with heat carrier temperature of 60-40° C. Air conditioning will be performed through copper ductwork which will be prepared and installed to allow future installation of air conditioners. The outdoor units are to be mounted on the façade in the designated recesses.


The park project plans for 1236.8 sq. m. of landscaped areas, comprising 41.49% of the area of the property, which is 2981 sq. m. Thirty-five deciduous trees, 5 coniferous trees, 1938 deciduous shrubs, 248 coniferous shrubs and 384 ornamental herbaceous plants will be planted.