Expo Residential Park is a place designed with the people who will inhabit it in mind, with the mission to provide them with a unique environment, atmosphere, tranquility, coziness and comfort. This is a place where they will create their stories. Expo Residential Park offers a new way of life where the urban dynamics can be felt, but without losing that feeling of freedom and carefreeness. Here is the home for you and your family. Here children play to the fullest, feel those unique and unforgettable emotions that leave memories for a lifetime.

–  Location – Accessibility from and to Sofia – located at the entrance to the “Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko shosse” metro station, near a main road, connection with AM Trakia, near Sofia Airport.

– Variety of services – in Expo Residential Park you will find everything you need for your daily life grocery stores, cafeterias, hair and beauty salons, services, restaurants…

– Kindergartens and schools and health care facilities – Expo Residential Park is connected to the well-developed housing complex. “Druzhba”, which has many nurseries and kindergartens, schools, educational and health facilities.

– An area with perspective – just a few minutes away from Expo Residential Park is a business area with unique office buildings.

-Closed park environment – over 40% of the area of ​​the complex will be green spaces with a variety of landscaping of the external and internal common parts of the complex to guarantee a year-round decorative effect, playgrounds as well as recreation areas.

– No car traffic – the entire transport infrastructure is organized in the two underground levels of the complex, as well as the parking spaces from Str. Obikolna

For maximum comfort of the residents of Expo Residential Park, long-term maintenance with a large number of added services is provided.

For the convenience of the residents of the complex, two underground parking levels are provided, as well as parking spaces for visitors from Obikolna Str.

The project includes commercial areas, two-room and three-room apartments.